Getting your period!

As a tween you are entering a very confusing time of life - with school, friends, awkward braces and to top it all off, you have to deal with your period.

Don't let your first period stop you from being your unique self!
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Get educated about your body and your period.

Getting your period for the first time can be hard - with things changing all over yoru body such as breast tenderness, growing pubic hair, getting cramps and bleeding... welcome to women-hood! But I promise it is not as scary as it may all sound, you can always ask your questions right to our email and we will help you through any of your period issues.

Learn what a period is!

Understanding what a period means for a girls body can be helpful when trying to deal with one. Learn what ovulation means and when it happens.

Discover the products you can use!

From pads and tampons, to menstrual cups and liners - there are tons of options to fit your flow.

No judgement. Ask Away!

We pride ourselves with being a women empowered brand and that is why dedicate our time trying to answer your questions! No question is stupid or too personal. Send us a message at

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