Vaginas Come into Focus

The Rise of Self Care!

The wellness world is infiltrating all aspects of beauty and is now pushing intimate care well beyond the pharmacy aisle. 

The rise of self-care is making a positive shift, making women feel more empowered, rather than embarrassed about wanting to care for vagina beauty. It also promotes being informed about personal hygiene and being in tune with our bodies. 

Therese Clark says “women can actually care about their bodies in a way that’s healthier, more complete and are not as nervous or shameful around paying attention to their vaginas… more conversations can help undo the taboos around vaginas”. 

It’s extremely important  that women see that pleasure and sexual health are intertwined and play a big role in women’s health as a whole (no pun intended). 

the Intimate Health Industry is growing

The intimate health industry is growing rapidly, from oils and exfoliators to vibrators and pelvic floor trainers. The trends are pushing feminine health to the max. “There has been a fundamental shift in this space, which has seen our members becoming more candid in speaking about their bodies, versus hiding their sex lives or feeling embarrassed to acknowledge” says Carolyn Wittle co-founder and CEO of Tia

To beauty lovers, vaginal care is no different than any other form of day-to-day maintenance. Think about your body moisturizer or under eye creams, you take care of the areas of skin that are delicate. The vagina is the same. Pampering our vaginas can also help us to get to know our bodies better, learn what we like and don’t, what it looks and what it feels like. So go on girl – explore! 

Italian model Naima Bossi says “we all love to have our little beauty routines… there is something about grooming your vagina that gives you a sense of womanly power. It makes you feel sexy, it’s kind of empowering”. Bossi is right, it is empowering to love and be confident in the body you are in.  

These trends Can actually benefit you

Women’s health expert Tania Bolder has created products to help women. It all started when she became a mother herself and noticed the changes her own body went through, she knew then she needed to create something that can make women confident in their bodies. Bolder says “there are so many benefits [to knowing your vagina] having a strong pelvic floor, from better bladder control to enhanced intimacy. There aren’t just physical benefits either, ultimately enjoy more self confidence and a greater sense of control”.  

However, it is important that with this wave of new trends and products that you do your research. Make sure the product and it’s ingredients have been FDA approved, if its designed for internal use. Otherwise look for gynecological or dermatology tested products. Our private parts are incredibly sensitive and should only have products that are pH balanced and are free of alcohols, parabens, phthalates and added fragrances. 

Learn the power of rejuvenation, enhancing and beautifying the vagina!

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