Ready for spring? 5 ways to prepare your body for the warmer months

Everyday the sun is getting stronger and we are inching ourselves closer to the outdoors. With spring breaks, and spur of the moment getaways we want you feeling confident about your body. It can be intimidating going from chunky sweaters and jeans to itty bitty bathing suits – we get it. That is why I have figured out 5 ways to prepare your body for the warmer days.

Sip on lemon water

Easy as 1, 2, 3. Drink up on lemon water from when you wake up and throughout the day. Staying hydrated keeps all your cells replenished promoting good internal health. Squeeze some lemon in, to add a zesty flavor and reap the benefits of cleansing. InStyle magazine says “there’s a reason so many celebrities claim lemon water as the holy cleanse grail. Drinking lemon water is crucial to cleanse and hydrate our systems…”. Lemon water is also shown to help regulate appetite. The positive effects of lemon helps the body de-bloat by getting rid of excess water.

young beautiful woman standing on a white wall in bath towel playing with a lemon and water with lemon for healthy concept

Eat “lean, clean and green”

We’ve all heard the saying “you are what you eat” and although it isn’t 100% factual it does hold some truth. What you feed your body has many effects on how it looks, feels and works. Fill your plate with delicious, nutrient dense super-foods. Incorporate foods of color, green vegetables, mix in some bright colored berries and avoid fake sugars and processed foods.

women blending spinach, berries, bananas and almond milk to make a healthy green smoothie


Work it out. Working out can do wonders for your mind, body and soul. Exercising is one of the fastest ways to clear stress hormones out of your system and promote endorphin release. InStyle says “consistency is more important than frequency”, so pace yourself if you are just getting back into the gym. Try doing one or two high intensity interval training exercises to get your blood pumping and burn major calories. Or engage your muscles to tone and definition with Pilates classes.

woman blotting her sweat off her face after working out

Supplements are your friend

Supplements are a great and easy way to get your necessary vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and strong. Keep your immune system strong with vitamin C and your bones healthy with added vitamin D. Especially after an intense workout be sure to replenish your body with key nutrients found in supplements to keep your body strong.

vitamin inside woman mouth

Wear your confidence

Nothing is sexier on a women than confidence. And a little secret nobody can be you better than you! So embrace your body and wear your confidence. Truth is you are beautiful and fabulous, just the way you are.

Portrait of smiling young black woman with sunlight flare and copy space

Remember you must take care of your body if you want your skin glowing and energy up!

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