Embarrassing Period Stories

6 Period stories that are so awkward, yet so relatable

that's not ketchup...

“Someone thought I sat in ketchup and tried to wipe it off with a napkin”

not a good monday

“One time my period came a day early and came rushing in. I bled through my underwear onto my office chair and through my pink skirt and the blood was running down my leg. Not a great way to start a Monday!”

Swim practice

“When I was in middle school, my parents forced me to be on the swim team. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I was able to wear tampons, but for whatever reason, I’ve never been able to stomach [them]. So every month was a fight with my stepmom over whether or not I had to go to practice. I’ll never forget one practice she wouldn’t let me skip. I wore a pad, which felt like a diaper and I’m 99.5% positive was visible to everyone else, and when I got out of the water, there was blood running down my legs in front of everyone. I think I cried in the bathroom for a full hour. Truly one of the worst memories of my life… Oh, and she never apologized for making me go, and thought the humiliation was a lesson of tough love”.  

good 'ole white pants

“When I was in 8th grade I finally got a nice pair of white pants because they were “in” at that point in time. While I was in my math class, I sat in the front row and was the furthest from the door, and I had no jacket with me because it was a nice spring day. 

I remember felling like I wet my pants and instantly knew what was going on. I sat there the whole time and it was an extremely heavy period too. I could see the red from where I was sitting and I cringed because class was coming to an end and I would have to get up and walk down the hall like that. 

Everyone left and I was still sitting there when my teacher (a male) came up to me and asked me if anything was wrong, and I embarassingly told him what happened. He smiled a little and then grabbed his jacket and held it up for me to wrap around my stomach and walked me to the nurses office. My mum brought me a change of clothes and I threw away the white pants. Math was always awkward after that”.

men tell all

“I was then having sex with my girlfriend (I’m a guy) with her on top when she leaned back and started going fast my stuff slipped out and I guess the force of my penis flicking back “up” threw what I can only describe as a bolas of blood cloats onto my chest and chin”. 

shopping trip gone wrong

“I was shopping with my boyfriend and thought it would be cute to try on a pair of shorts and when I turned around to ask him how my butt looked in them, his eyes go really wide. Turns out, he wasn’t admiring my butt – he was staring at the red stain that had formed! I ended up buying the shorts, but couldn’t even wear them. Plus, my boyfriend was grossed our for a while!”

Period leaks can happen, so don’t get down on yourself. Be prepared with extra panties, pads or tampons and take on your period! 

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