Get Through the Covid-19 Quarantine.

beat bedroom boredom

There is no getting around it, we are all practicing social distancing, and quarantining in our homes during this COVID-19 outbreak. That means no going to school, work, gym or the mall – just stay put in our homes. This can end up taking a toll on our mental, physical and emotional health and that is why it is important to get creative and stay positive!

Day 1 of quarantine seemed fine… sleeping in, binge watching Netflix, eating snacks. But now, day 3 and everybody is seemly going stir crazy!  Well, this is our new reality right now and we must all learn to beat the bedroom boredom. 

Nature is calling! You better pick up!

Time to look on the positive side of this outbreak… get outside! Take walks with your dog, ride your bike, go hiking, wash your car, do some yard work. Enjoy the outdoors and be productive! 

Studies have shown that being outdoors has positive effects of de-stressing, fatigue, depression and anxiety. So let the outdoors comfort us in this time of stress and fear.  

Don't lose your mind when you are working from home

  1. Start your day of right! Enjoy your normal morning coffee and tea while you scroll social media in bed.
  2. Stick to your normal routine. Keeping your morning schedule the same will get you in the right frame of mind to get your work done from home.
  3. Turn off distractions. Keep the TV off, and don’t stream Netflix in the background. Act as if you are a the office. 
  4. Take breaks. Just like when you are at the office, take normal water and bathroom breaks. Studies have shown that taking breaks can actually make you more productive.
  5. Separate work and play areas. Although you may be in close corners try to designate an area where you do your work. Shut down that area like normal office hours to mentally clock in and out of your day. 

Enjoy your "you" time

Taking a few moments to connect with yourself can make a big difference in how you feel. 

So maybe you can’t go out to treat yourself to your monthly mani-pedi… try and do it yourself! Not only will you have something to do but, it will save you money. 

You can also make your own spa at home! Simply run a bath with warm water, and add either epson salt, bath bomb or bubbles to get the restorative benefits to your body and skin. Bring in a candle and a good book and let your bathroom become an oasis.  

Learn | Teach | Explore

Embrace this period of down time to learn, teach and explore. 

Think about all the things you’ve wanted to learn but never had a chance… whether it may be learning a new language or learning a new cooking recipe take this time to learn it. 

Teach others around you something about yourself or something your good at. Take this opportunity to be patient and invest in your relationships. 

Explore new ways you can have fun and be excited while you are home, call your friends and family make the best of this time home. 

This is a crucial time to stay positive and express love to others! 

be creative

Here are a few ideas for indoor or outdoor activities to get you moving, and mind engaged…

  • Make a quarantine diary: write down each day so in the future you can look back at this time
  • Update your resume: add or remove current jobs and roles onto your resume
  • Clean up: organize one room at a time and soon you’ll have your whole space in perfect condition
  • Update rooms in the house: re-design the layout of a room, or paint a new color 
  • De-Clutter: start with your closet and/or dresser 
  • Wash up your car and vacuum the inside 
  • Set up the outdoor furniture on the patio 

The list can go on and on but these are just a few ideas to help you stay productive at home. 

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