How to Find Your Bra Size

Not sure if you are wearing the right size bra? Bra seems loose? What the heck is a sister size? We are here to put a stop bra confusion!

women measuring her bra size

First, let us see, if you actually need a new bra:

There a few telltale signs when it comes to a time when you need to replace your bra. Here are the most obvious indicators that it is time to go out shopping:

Your band is riding up your back. A band that sits too high on your back and on the tightest hook means it is stretched out and too loose.

Your straps keep slipping. There gets to be a point where no matter how tight you make the straps they just continue to fall off your shoulder. they’ve lost their elasticity and it’s time for a new one!

Cups are stretched out or too big. When you start to notice a significant gap between the bra cups and your breast, it means that either the cups are stretched out or the volume of your breasts have decreased, either way its time for a better fit.

The color is faded. Over time the style and color of your bra will fade or become dingy looking. Jaclinne Cheng, founder of a lingerie store says “while bras normally get covered up, it’s always important to choose one that makes you feel happy, comfortable and even empowered”. So treat yourself to looking and feeling confident even if your the only one who sees!

Now that you’ve decided you need a new bra, lets measure your bra size:

To find out your bra size at home all you need is a measuring tape, piece or string or ribbon and ruler.

To find your band size: Wear an unlined or non-padded bra. Run the measuring tape all the way around your back where your bands sits, be sure to keep the tape measure as level as possible. It should be snug without digging into you. If you don’t get a whole number (33 1/2 inches) then round to the nearest whole number (34). Then use the chart below to find your band size.

band size chart

To find your cup size: Run the measuring tape around your back, just under your shoulder blades and up around the fullest part of your bust. Then time for some bra math. Subtract your band size from your bust measurement. The difference in inches corresponds to what your cup size is.

cup size chart

Now that you have your size, you must chose the bra style you would like. With many options to chose from you can find the right bra for every occasion. Read our article Bra Types to find your perfect one!

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