Why Women NEED Protein

From babies to aging seniors we all need protein. It’s a very important component to every cell, muscle, organ, hormone, bone and pretty much everything that matters in our body. A lot of people think that men should have meats and heavy-duty protein and women should only eat salads. That may be half true – we all need salads and we all need healthy proteins to keep our bodies healthy and strong.

Some benefits to eating a protein rich diet are – a speedy recovery after exercise, reducing muscle loss, building lean and strong muscle, helping you to maintain a healthy weight, and curb hunger. It is essential to take care of our bodies and to do that, we must feed it healthy foods to sustain a strong life.

Build Muscles

Protein is an essential component of muscles. It helps to give women the bodies they want and deserve; healthy, tight and lean.

Weight Management

Fueling your body with protein reduces the level of the hunger hormone called; gherlin, while boosting the levels of peptide YY; a hormone that makes you feel full. Protein keeps the body fuller and satisfied for a longer period of time. This can prevent you from over eating and snacking on foods that hold no nutritional value.

tastes Delicious

Most protein rich foods are savory so not only are they satisfying to the body, they taste delicious! Protein rich foods also help to fight against the dreaded feeling of “hanger” and snacking throughout the day.

Support hair, skin and nails

Eating protein can help keep your hair, skin and nails healthy. Our bodies specifically needs keratin, a protein that helps to keep they strong, shiny and healthy. To maintain your body’s natural production of keratin, you need to supply your body with protein packed foods.

You can find plenty of keratin supplements and treatments for hair, skin and nails but studies show that you have a better chance of keratin making a difference in shine, and strength when its built into natural structures such as foods rather than infused into supplements.

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