Weird Things About Your Boobs That Are Normal

These bizarre and relatable facts can make you feel more confident with your feminine body and boobs.

Here are 5 weird things about your boobs that are completely normal!

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Hairy Nipples

Nipple hair is totally common and normal says OBGYN Alyssa Dweck. Hair can grow anywhere surrounding the nipple and be referred to as nipple hair. It doesn’t have to be sprouting straight from the center of the nipple.

Having one boob bigger than the other

If you have asymmetrical boobs, you’re not alone – this is incredibly common says women’s health expert Jennifer Wider. Your body and its shape has a lot to do with your genes. If your mother and grandmother both have mismatched boobs the odds are pretty high that you do, too!

Large nipples

Regardless of sex we all have nipples. But, females are more typically scrutinized by the appearance of them. Whether you have big nipples, small nipples, bumpy or hairy ones they are all normal.


Nipplegasms; orgasms triggered by your nipples. With over 800 nerve endings in your nipple you can be sure to stimulate an orgasm. Research found that nipple pleasure arouses the same part of the brain as genital stimulation.

Bouncy boobs

It is no secret that boobs can jiggle. But did you know that on average a women’s boobs move 9cm with every step taken. This isn’t just up and down but also side to side.

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