Getting your Period on Valentine’s Day

February 14th, Valentine’s Day. This year some of you may have exciting and sexy plans while others are going to be home alone watching “The Notebook” eating chocolates in the shape of a heart (and there is no problem with that by the way because I will be doing the same). Enjoy the day of love for your significant other or yourself!

Are you in panic about getting your period on valentine’s day this year? Don’t worry it won’t ruin the “the most romantic day of the year” by any means! Embrace your period, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, open your arms to welcome aunt Flo coming for a visit this holiday.

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Here are a few ways to enjoy valentine’s day while on your period

Tell you partner in advance: Couples or soon to be couples just expect that valentines day means sex and lingerie, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Let you partner know that aunt Flo will be hanging around this V-day. Opt-in for a more casual night out (or in). Valentine’s day doesn’t always have to mean hotel rooms, and sex. If you are on your period, be open about it.

Try taking a shower together: You heard me, shower! The hot water of a shower can actually help ease your cramps. Try letting the water hit your lower back and abdomen and feel the relief. Also, showering together can be your sexy and intimate time without feeling messy and gross. Mix in some body wash and bubbles and you can be sexy and clean!

Wear something sexy and black: I think every person in the world can agree black is the most flattering color to wear (well I least I think so!). If you are going out this valentine’s day chose something that makes you feel your very best. I always go by the saying “look good, feel good, do good”. So, throw on a black fitted dress – not too tight, but not too flowy – and show the world your sexy figure!

Self love: Always remember valentine’s day doesn’t have to be about romantic love with someone else. Self-love is also super important and should be a priority. Have no date for the 14th? No problem! Make a date with yourself. Run a bubble bath, put on a face mask, or meditate. Take the night for self-rejuvenation and enjoy the night of simplicity.

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Valentine’s day is about showing love and appreciation whether that be to your boyfriend, girlfriend, friend and even yourself it is important to not be too hard on yourself! You’re doing great sweetheart!

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