Vaginal Douching – What you need to know

Vaginal douching – what you need to know before trying…

Douching is a method used by women to wash the inside of the vagina with water or other mixtures of fluids to eliminate odors and “clean” the vagina.

How does douching work?

Performing a vaginal douche, is done with a mixture of water and ingredients. They are then placed in a bag or bottle and sprayed or squirted upward into the vagina. A jet of water is introduced inside the vagina so it can be washed. Many women use douches thinking they can eliminate unpleasant odors, wash out menstrual blood after period or semen after sex, but in reality they aren’t good for your vagina’s health.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists does not recommend vaginal douches. It is even reported that they may make your symptoms of odor and vaginal discharge worse.

Douching is different than how you may clean the outside of your vagina with warm water during a bath or shower. You should clean the outside and area around your vagina while you shower or bath. Douching is different, it is forcing unwanted and unnecessary fragrances and chemicals into your vagina. A vagina is a self cleaning organ and doesn’t need foreign ingredients to be cleaned.

women holding vaginal douche

Can douching be harmful?

Yes, for some women it can be harmful. Douching can lead to the spread of an existing infection or even develop of an infection. Infections can happen due to altering the pH balance and affecting the good bacteria in a vagina. You should also not use scented vaginal hygiene products such as sprays, and soaps claiming to help with odor, read more here.

Our vaginas have normal vaginal bacteria called flora. News Medical says that the vaginal flora protects the body against urogenital infections. So using douches can actually defeat the work of the flora.

Best way to clean your vagina

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The best way to clean your vagina is to wash with warm water and gentle scent-free soap during a bath or shower. Many companies try to promote their products as the only way to reduce odor and clean your vagina, this is untrue. Using warm water letting your lady bits do its thing, is infact the best thing!

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