Top 7 Period Myths Busted

Period myths…we’ve all heard them. Periods may seem simple to some but to others the fake news online can make them seem scary and unmanageable. We are here to debunked the top 7 period myths.

1) You lose a huge amount of blood during your period – Myth

NOT true! You actually only loose a few tablespoons of blood during your period. Even the heaviest of periods barely make it to a cup of blood.

2) It is bad to have sex on your period – Myth

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It is NOT bad to have sex on your period. It may not be as sexy and romantic due to your bleeding but it is totally fine to have sex. Make sure to still use protection, as your birth control may be less effective in your body during your menstrual week. Research has shown how having sex and participating in sexual activity can relieve you of PMS symptoms such as cramps, headaches and irritability.

3) Your period should last for exactly one week – Myth

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Periods are unique to every women, some people experience a period for 3 days while others have it for exactly 7. As long as you speak with your doctor to make sure there are no underlying issues it does not matter how long your period lasts for.

4) Your voice could sound different when on your period – True

It is known that having your period can change a women’s behavior, and physical appearance. But now there are studies showing how due to the fluctuation of hormones during your period, they can impact your vocal characteristics AKA your voice.

5) You should avoid exercise while on period– Myth

Exercise does not have to be avoided – and people even recommend exercise while on their period to ease pain symptoms of PMS. Read more about how exercise can be helpful on your period.

6) You can’t go swimming while on your period – Myth

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A shark will not attack you because of your period! It is safe to go swimming while you have your period. Make sure you wear some sort of protection such as a tampon. Tampons will collect the menstrual fluid before it leaves the body, there will be no signs of your period showing in the water. You can also try wearing a menstrual cup or swimwear specifically designed for your period. Teen Vogue reports that it isn’t unhygienic or unsafe to swim on your period.

7) Virgins can’t use tampons – Myth

Using a tampon does not cause a woman to lose her virginity. Planned Parenthood explains how the condition hymen – the thin tissue that stretches across at least part of the opening of the vagina – is not an accurate indication of virginity. Naturally the hymen has a hole big enough to expel period blood and to use tampons comfortable. So yes, virgins can use tampons!

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