Practicing Safe Sex While Having Fun

Sex can be fun, but you should always remember to be safe. What I mean is protecting both you and your partner from sexually transmissible infections and unplanned pregnancy while being intimate. There are 3 ways to practice safe sex, the first option is abstinence – or in other words refraining from sexual activities. The next way is by wearing condoms during sex, and last way is using birth control.

Participating in safe sex is not hard! Both condoms and birth control are great options to stay safe and have fun during. Condoms are easy to use and can even intensify the feeling of sex with the variety of styles to choose from. And did you know that they make condoms for both men and women? Yep, you heard right both men and women can practice safe sex using condoms.

Hand holding birth control and a condom.


Sex is fun, and sexy – and so are condoms!  There are so many options for different sizes, shapes, textures and materials to satisfy both partners, so you will be sure to have a pleasurable time. This gives you more time to focus on pleasing each other, versus worrying about the outcomes of unprotected sex. For those of you who are allergic to latex condoms – there are tons of other condoms that are made from non-latex materials such as lambskin, or polyisoprene that will keep you safe and having fun.

Condoms are also easy to purchase. They can be bought at any drug store, gas station or grocery store, and you do not need an ID or prescription to buy them. They also have a pretty cheap price tag, you can find a box of 12 condoms for $6, that is a good purchase knowing you are practicing safe sex.

Birth Control

Another method of safe sex is being on birth control. There are many options to fit each women’s body and lifestyle such as birth control pills, patches, and shots as well as an IUD or vaginal ring that both go inside the body to release the hormones that protect against pregnancy. Researchers are even creating a birth control pill for men too, making it even easier to stay safe.

Birth control is also known for aiding in PMS relief such as cramps, and irregular periods. Speak with your OBGYN to discuss what birth control method works for you and your insurance plan, some plans offer zero copay for birth control.

young women talking to female gynecologist doctor

Remember to never rely on just one method of safe sex and to go get tested every so often to make sure your body is healthy and protected. Keeping a good relationship between you and your doctor is very important so be honest about your body.

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