Can Exercise Help with PMS?

Exercise is an important way to keep your body healthy and strong, and it is shown that it can help with PMS symptoms such as cramps and moodiness.

3 young women are stretching their legs outside.

Some women experience PMS with unbearable pain or discomfort that inhibits them from everyday activities such as school and work , and leaves them on the couch with heating pads or loads of over the counter medications. But studies have shown that exercising and moving around can help alleviate the intensity of your symptoms.

Research suggests that anything that boosts your heart rate such as brisk walking, running, biking and swimming can boost important chemicals in the brain called in endorphins which can make you in a better mood and reduce the amount of pain you feel. How does that work? Well doing cardio prompts your body to release endorphins – those feel good chemicals that make you happy. Also, participating in moderate level intensity workouts when experiencing PMS is helpful because is helps circulate oxygen all over your body and specifically to where you feel pain. But remember not to exhaust yourself, your energy levels during your period are down so take it easy!

Plus workout clothes tend to be more comfortable than jeans and a blouse so opt in to exercise when you are feeling your symptoms hit.

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