Period Products

There are two types of period products – external products such as pads, and panty liners that attach to the crotch section of your underwear and absorb your flow. Then there are internal products such as menstrual cups and tampons that are inserted inside and capture your period before it leaves your body. All these options are good choices and are used among women during their period.

Every flow can be different, meaning you may need more or less protection for your period for each cycle. Learning your options and sizes of period products can be helpful when choosing which one is best for you.


Pads are rectangular pieces of absorbent material meant to be worn on the inside of your underwear to catch menstrual blood during your period. You may also hear pads referred to as “sanitary pads” or “sanitary napkins” they are all the same! Some pads have extra material on the sides called wings which are folded over the edges of your underwear to keep the pad in place – but there are pads with no wings, if that is more your style!

There are different types of pads such as

  • Super
  • Slender
  • Overnight
  • Scented
  • Maxi
  • Mini
pads with wings

Finding your perfect fit pad is important in preventing leaks, they vary in size and absorption so depending on your flow chose a pad that will work best.

Panty Liners

A panty liner is almost identical to a pad but they are lighter and thinner. They are not used to soak up much of your period – they are used mostly used to absorb daily vaginal discharge or light menstruation or even worn with a tampon or menstrual cup for those just in case moments.

Menstrual Cups

Just like a tampon a menstrual cup is inserted inside your vagina to absorb your period before it leaves your body. Menstrual cups are made up out of flexible material, so they are easy to fit inside and comfortable to wear.

Every package for each product type has specific directions – make sure you follow along with images and descriptions on how to use each product.


Tampons are also made of absorbent material and compressed into a small tube to be inserted into your vagina to absorb your flow. Tampons also comes in different sizes and absorbencies, depending if your flow is light or heavy.

The applicator for a tampon can either be plastic or cardboard, both work it is just a personal preference of which one you chose. When just starting with your period use a smaller size tampon to get used to how much it can hold – also try to use it when you have a heavier flow so it can be inserted easier.

Tampon sizes indicate the amount of menstrual blood they can absorb. They come in the follow sizes:

  • Slim
  • Regular
  • Super
  • Super Plus
  • Ultra

With so many options on sizes, fits and product types you’ll be sure to find one that works for your and your lifestyle during your period.

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