Yoga Can Ease your PMS and Here’s How

We all know an uncomfortable period can have you curled up in a ball on the couch. But studies have shown that regular yoga classes can help your body go through periods more comfortably. Grab a yoga mat and hit the studio because its been shown to provide positive effects on common PMS issues such as cramps and bloating.

Girls laughing and holding yoga mats

Maintaining regular yoga practice can provide both physical and mental health benefits for men and women. The purpose of yoga is to engage your mind, body and soul to build strength, awareness and harmony throughout your body. It is important for women to keep harmony through her body especially during the internal changes that a period brings.

During a typical yoga class you will be instructed on concentrated breathing, as well as slow and deep stretches to engage your muscles and increase flexibility while remaining relaxed. Deep breathing exercises and meditation sequences in yoga can be very soothing to your cramps and moodiness from your period. The breathing techniques that are practiced during class can improve circulation of oxygen throughout your entire body easing any discomfort you may have of bloating and cramps.

Through all the different types of yoga they are all surrounded around by the same few things – breathing exercises, meditation, and stretching, which are all healthy and can be beneficial during your period.

So how does yoga do it all of this?

Well like any other sort of exercise; yoga releases endorphins – which are the body’s natural mood boosting compounds. Endorphins can make you happy and boost your mood. So those days when you can feel yourself being cranky and irritable from your period, try out some yoga!

Secondly is calms the central nervous system. The increase in oxygen from the deep breathing flows from your head to your toes including the reproductive organs such as the uterus. A lot of women complain about cramping and bloating in the abdomen as well as uterus, doing some extra deep and concentrated breathing can help ease these symptoms.

Lastly, yoga can ease stress and promote deep relaxation. Unlike a high intensity workout, yoga is a mind-body practice. Yoga brings together physical and mental disciplines that help to achieve peacefulness of the body and mind to help you relax and manage stress and anxiety.

With all the different styles of yoga classes, you will be sure to find that you love and works to help you with your period and PMS symptoms.

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