10 Period Facts To Blow Your Mind

Think you’re a period guru? Test your knowledge with these 10 period facts that will blow your mind.

1) The average women has more than 400 periods in her lifetime.

Typically a period comes once a month, lasting four to six days. Studies have shown that women have their periods for about forty years. If you do the math of twelve periods a year multiplied by forty years you’ll get 480 periods. Think about all the money you’ve spent on period protection products for the past 400 periods!

2) The first tampon patent was filed by a man in 1931

The original tampon was created by a Colorado based general practitioner named names Earle C. Haas. He introduced the first commercial tampon applicator tampon, which was made out of cardboard. A friend of Haas mentioned the need for something easier than what was on the market, so thinking of his wife he got to it.

Earle created a variation of compressed cotton, and designed it to make sure that the tampon could be inserted and removed without having to be touched directly.

3) You probably bleed a lot less than you think

The average period releases less than a cup of blood. Even when you have a heavy period your most likely bleeding between a few tablespoons and a cup of blood. The average person is thought to lose between two and three tablespoons of blood.

4) You can get pregnant on your period

pregnant women holding her stomach

Sperm can live inside you for up to five days. That means even a few days before you are on your period you should use protection to avoid unwanted pregnancy. You are way less likely to get pregnant during this time versus any other time of the month, because the body is not actively encouraging pregnancy. You can still have sex, just be careful and use protection.

5) Being hornier the days before your period or on your period

While science hasn’t pin pointed one answer, it can be attributed to hormones that make you friskier during your period. Your estrogen and testosterone levels increase during ovulation, therefore women may feel a surge in their libido. Right before ovulation a woman’s body has its highest levels of estrogen, which makes you feel good and kicks your sex drive into high gear. During the week of your period your estrogen levels decline but not all your hormones do. A women’s body experiences a small surge in testosterone – which you my associate with men and the hormone that makes them want sex all the time. This increase in testosterone can be attributed to the desire for sex when you’re on your period.

6) The average age a girl gets her period is 12 years old

Girls are getting their periods earlier than ever – the cause is unknown but theories surrounding the ideas of higher stress rates, environmental factors and even fad diets. We all know periods are unique per individual, so for some girls that can mean they get their period at 10 years old or even 16 years old.

7) Studies have found that almost half of American women crave chocolate at the start of their period.

girl smiling and eating chocolate

Studies have shown that the decreasing levels of progesterone and oestrogen lead to an increase in hunger, specifically a craving for sweets. Many women are said to crave chocolate when on their period, although there are no studies showing why, it can be attributed to our hormonal changes during our period, which can leave us feeling stressed, and emotional. Naturally we lean towards items of comfort during these emotions, AKA indulging in our favorite comfort foods whether that may be salty or sweet!

8) Studies have shown people spend upward of $1,800 menstrual products

Think back to fact 1 that was shared, women get close to 400 periods in their lifetime, so the $8 per box of tampons or pads here and there adds up.

9) Sex can help alleviate PMS symptoms

Sex can actually help your period cramps. Studies have shown that having an orgasm can relieve painful cramps and bloating associated with a womens period.

You can also read more about what foods to eat to ease PMS symptoms in this article!

10) Tampons and pads aren’t your only choices

bag full of tampons, pads, liners

There are a few options to help manage your time of the month. A menstrual cup is a flexible cup that fits inside your vagina and collects blood. There are also reusable cloth pads, and period panties.

Read more about period products here!

Understanding how women are all different and that includes our periods! There is no such thing as “right” or “wrong” periods. Every women is different, let’s keep it that way.

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